LeatherWe are a group of Leather Technologists; we are not jack of all trades but master of tanning all sorts of Crust and Finished leather. Producing leather is not our profession but our dream! We tan what most tanners will not dare!!

Weltann, proud itself on well-tanned leather, well-designed leather goods, well-fabricated value-adding accessories by well-experienced know how experts from well-sorted raw hides and skins.

Well-tanned leather is always a must in producing healthy, durable and fashionable footwear, sportswear, garments and value-adding accessories for clothing. Nothing satisfies the sense of instinct other than Leather. We ensure all the right criteria in making Leather that satisfies to health, environment and fashion.

Well, in a nutshell, from fruit to fruition i.e making Leather, designing Leather goods, fabricating Leather Patches, supplying it locally and globally – we do it ALL and we do it WELL.